Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Search & replace text in excel files without a hassle

If you are a working individual, firm or business as of date, there is a very high probability that you use Excel day in & day out to carry out the log tasks in your organisation. Excel gives you the power to do this in a manner which was never possible with those grumpy looking office assistants with heaps of files on their desks. Using Excel has its advantages but certain needs are also felt when we use it to carry out these official tasks using it. One of the major needs that is felt by most users of Excel is that of an effective search and replace tool. Users crave for a utility that would give them the power to find & replace specific texts, figures, formats, etc. the way they can in MS Word. Also, it is felt sometimes that with the heavy load of files, such a utility which could do the same with a number of files at one go is the need of the day. Today we will talk about one such utility which can do so seamlessly while giving you an exhaustive set of commands to handle every such task that you may have in hand.
      This is a utility that handles the task of excel search and replace tool unlike any other utility available in the market as of today. You can dump in entire folders, files or can even handle single files using it as per your requirement. Once the file/files are added you can simply perform any function that you desire to. You can handle cells, columns, rows & entire sheets. You can find & replace words/phrases or simply reformat them as you desire to. You can alter font, style etc. as you wish to. You can be specific or general. You can use multiple clicks for minute modifications or just do one click go to handle the work at once. This utility gives you the freedom to do it all.
        What makes this find & replace utility special is a host of firsts. Firstly, it can handle multiple formats of Excel files like .XLS, .XLSX, etc. & is able to run on all popular versions of Windows. It can handle files in multiple languages. It has all features that you desire from such a utility & that too at a mouth watering price point. Most importantly, it gives you a detailed log of the editing tasks carried out so that you can refer to this log whenever you want to check what all has been altered.

Summary- Excel is a bread & butter software for almost all offices these days. When we do use it, we come across various situations that make it desirable to have a find & replace utility just like MS Word. This software can handle these formatting tasks seamlessly across multiple versions of Excel files while handling files in entire batches. It can do so to deliver the results within minutes while at the same time providing you with a log to ensure that you can refer to what you have done in the future.

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