Friday, 28 July 2017

Dig contacts from the web easily via email and phone extractor

Internet marketing and promotion are necessary for each company to promote their products and services. But the biggest difficulty in this is how to gather contacts for emailing and sms sending. For this you need not to worry now because now a day all the people have fed in their mobile numbers and email ids somewhere on the web. So if we have a tool that can dig out these contacts for you it will be awesome. So here I tell you about a tool that can do this task for you. It is Internet email and phone extractor. 

Internet email and phone extractor is a multi-talented utility that takes care of the need for contacts. It has the ability to extract contacts from websites and web search engine whether it be email address or phone number, to give you the best result at a good speed. This software has the ability to dig out thousands of contact details in a matter of times from whichever website you want. It can dig out contacts from the given website, from links that lead to other websites from the given website, & even whole search engines based on the keywords fed in by you. The mining level can be decided to the level up to which you want to take the extraction of contacts. You can save the extracted contacts in an excel or word file.

Internet email and phone number extractor is a user friendly tool. All you need to do is run this utility & feed in the name of the website/websites from which you want emails and phone numbers to be extracted. You can also feed in precise parameters if you only want email ids & phone numbers of a particular kind only to be extracted. The inbuilt advanced filter on the other hand, has the receptivity to ensure that extracted mail ids are not duplicated & that instead of numbers, random numeric values from sites are not extracted. You can also go through the route of all the links on the web page by selecting mining level. Alternatively, you can also scan straight through keyword based search from search engines.

If you are making android/ios application and need to promote it and increase its download then you need to promote it. For that you need more and more contacts in form of phone numbers and email ids. So this tool will be best for you. Further you can use bulk mailing and sms sending tools. And similarly you can do it for other products also.

This is a must to have tool for businesses as well as individuals who seek need for contacts. The benefit of using this tool is that this internet email and phone extractor is a combination of two utilities that you get at the price of just one. So just use it to feel how potent it is as a contact gathering tool.


If you want email ids and phone numbers in bulk for promotion and marketing purposes then this blog is for you. It tells about Internet email and phone extractor which is tool that extracts email ids and phone numbers in bulk from the internet and saves it in your pc. This internet email extractor has many advanced features discussed above.

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