Monday, 23 January 2017

Outlook - An important source to extract contact numbers

Yes! You read it right! I know that you have searched high & low for those elusive blood droplets of your business- leads. We are all aware that in the present day & age, the best way to estabilish a connect with prospective customers is via their phones. Therefore, it is a matter of no surprise that contact details are so sought after in the business World. We find individuals whose sole task is to collect valid & valuable contact details for their organisations. We find lead providers fleecing business houses while providing stale leads & we even find businesses perishing in spite of the fact that they had something amazing to offer, just because they could not connect to as many people as they required. At this point of time, it would also be worth pondering over all those contacts that you had come across earlier & who were in touch with you at one point of time, but you lost them somehow. You want to reach back to them. To get in touch with them & probably up sell to them as well. A phone number extractor is a life saver in such scenarios.

          We know that most of our formal & quasi formal communication takes place using Outlook. If somehow we could extract numbers from Outlook & compile them systematically, most of our afore mentioned worries would just fly away. The utility that we have with us here today is nothing short of a revolution in redefining the way we use Outlook. Using this tool you can extract phone/mobile/fax numbers from multiple folders & mails of Outlook & arrange them in a manner that confirms with manual as well as automated dialling. 

             The Outlook phone number extractor in question is quite rich when it comes to what all it is capable of doing. For starters, multiple Outlook profiles can be logged on to at once to accomplish the task of bulk harvesting. It can extract details from all or specific folders as per the given requirement. Duplicate entries are automatically avoided & so are random digits which are not in fact contact details of somebody. The user can even give in specifications as to what kind of numbers he/she wishes to extract (For example only numbers that start with the code +91). The details are extracted at a blazingly fast pace & then compiled in readily usable .TXT or .CSV files. You just need to see this one in action to believe its potential to take your business in an upward spiral at a ridiculously reasonable price.

Summary- Phone/fax/mobile numbers are what we need in order to connect with our existing clients & in order to make new ones. Outlook is a platform where we can find loads & loads of them easily. Outlook phone number extractor extracts phone/mobile/fax numbers from multiple Outlook profiles & folders at one go as per the preferences given by the user & delivers the results to us in a readily usable .TXT or .CSV form.

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