Thursday, 15 December 2016

How to Send SMS in Bulk from PC to Mobile?

If you are here chances are you are having trouble with mass communication. Don’t worry though, this is an issue that all individuals & enterprises who want to connect with a lot of people face day in & day out. Whether you are an organisation which has to communicate with a lot of people on a day to day basis or a firm wanting to reach out to a lot of potentials, actually reaching out to multiple individuals on a daily basis is a hassle. Do you set a person or group of persons up & designate them as SMS sender? Sounds strange even though people do that, the fancy title of communications department personnel notwithstanding. Do you give the task over to some set up dedicated solely to this & thus lose complete control over what is actually being communicated? Does technology with all the latest developments have a solution to this issue? Let us find out.
       One of the best solutions to this problem is an effective & efficient bulk SMS sender. What such a software does is simple. It connects your mobile phone with your personal computer or laptop & creates a platform from where you can send multiple messages while keeping a tab on the whole process. You can also schedule or customise the messages as per your needs. An ideal software of this kind must also have a way to circumvent the DND protocol as that is a big roadblock in the path of effective marketing. So which one should you go for?
       The bulk SMS software that we have here is absolutely out of this World in many regards. For starters you can connect as many phones & consequentially numbers to your system using USB or Bluetooth & use this software with them. What this does is give a personal touch to the whole process while making the individual take note of the messages delivered as they won’t be from dingy marketing sequences. This also effectively takes care of the whole issue of DND protocol. You can send custom messages to selected individuals with even custom parameters like name etc. or you can send generic messages. Messages sent can be saved as templates saving time in the future. Not just normal messages but messages with links or even flash messages can be sent using this magical piece of modern tech. It also generates a log of the whole process for future reference. This software is compatible with all versions of Windows & comes at a really affordable price too. So what are you waiting for? Go get them all!

Summary- Mass communication is a problematic task for most of the organisations. Sending updates in bulk to existing customers & prospective clients is considered to be a cumbersome errand. Bulk SMS sender takes care of this task in a jiffy. Using it one can connect multiple phone numbers for sending customised or generic multi format messages in bulk without worrying about even DND protocols.

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