Saturday, 1 April 2017

Connect big earn big with Outlook Email Extractor

Outlook! The name itself is enough. It is the go to portal for professionals when it comes to their connectivity needs. The mail client is a must have for organisations & business houses alike. However, there is a major headache that users of this wondrous utility from Microsoft often face. To recover Outlook emails is a job that is very tedious for almost all office users.

             We know that we rely on contacts to maintain & strengthen our business or organisation. Keeping in touch with the individuals who contacted you is essential for having fruitful communication & relationship. These email ids have to be mined out of the pile of emails delivered to the Outlook mailboxes. What every office worker seeks in such a situation while faced with such a mountainous errand, is a potent Outlook email extractor.

                   The Outlook email address extractor that we have with us today is an extractor like no other. In order to use this you just have to log on to your Outlook profile. Even if you have multiple profiles it does not matter as you can log on to multiple profiles at once using this extractor. You can then direct it to the folders/sub folders that you wish to dig the ids out of. Even if one wishes to mine contact details out of already saved .DBX files, that can simply be done by dumping the files on to the software. Then you can proceed ahead & customise the search if you want only the ids of a specific type or types to be logged (for example you can give command to extract only ids that end with You do not have to bother yourself about duplicity of data though as that is avoided automatically by the smart sense that is there in the software itself. Once you have given the command, you can simply kick back & relax as this software meticulously digs out 1000s of contacts in a matter of minutes. It logs them on to a .CSV or .TXT file which can then be used manually or with other automated utilities. It is the firm belief of this blogger that once you get a hang for this utility, your office life & productivity would definitely take a turn for the better & that too at a pittance of a price.

How to extract emails from outlook?

Summary- The modern day office space places much importance on Outlook when it comes to communication needs. However, extracting the contact details from Outlook profiles & files is a mundane & time consuming task which still has to be carried out to maintain the communication string. This fast, efficient & economical Outlook email address extractor automates this task in the best way possible & delivers the details to the user in a readily usable format. 

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