Thursday, 9 February 2017

How to Search and Replace Words & Phrases in Multiple Excel Files?

If you are a professional, firm or even a student who keeps logs, you do not need to be told about the importance of MS Excel. It is the go to tool for accountants, supervisors, log keepers & what nots. The ability to seamlessly assimilate all discrete data at one place so that one may use it the way one wants is the stand out feature of this application. However, what is sorely missed in case of Excel is an efficient & fast Excel search and replace software.
    Altering details from one or two worksheets is not a big deal. What do you do however, when you have piles of data? What do you do with those thousands of files needed within the next 10 minutes in which you need to italicise a select portion. Such Excel find and replace tasks are the tasks that eat away hours while resulting in only boredom among the people who are manually forced to do this task. That is where this all new path breaking tool steps in.
      This smart little find and replace software works non intrusively like a task bar ribbon only & so does not intrude upon the functionality of the application itself. You can select spaces to omit, characters/words/phrases to replace, parts to bolden, sections to underline & even pieces that you wish to reformat. With one single command you can search & do such modification from multiple files at the same time while not wasting even a single minute. If you desire to keep the original files intact & wish to create a separate file resulting from this modification, you can do so just by opting for it & specifying the target folder. You do not need to worry about the fact that whether this would be compatible with your system/systems or not. This utility runs smoothly on all popular versions of Windows & is able to handle files made using different MS Excel editions. So be XLS or XLSX, if the file can be worked upon by any edition of Excel, this magical utility can handle it. The author firmly holds the belief that this small & cheap utility is an essential for anyone who uses MS Excel on a daily basis.

Summary-  MS Excel is a bread & butter utility for most professionals these days. It is a software which is irreplaceable when it comes to logging data & making inferences out of it. However, editing multiple Excel files on regular basis for various official needs is a back breaking task. This Excel search & replace software can handle multiple Excel files of various file formats at once & modify them according to the will of the user by just a single click. It performs all tasks like reformatting, replacing, etc. in a jiffy.

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