Friday, 22 April 2016

Ease way to extract Email Ids from File

Emailextractor is innovative and unique software that helps extract the email id from the source document files like PDF, .doc, .docs. .xls, RTF, .xml, .txt, web pages and other document formats. This advanced software not only enables the feature to extract email from files but to also save them in .CVS format and later allows it to release in excel or in .txt format which opens in notepad.

All files email extractor also provides the facility to filter the email id and allows setting criteria to search. This email extractor facilitates extraction of relevant email while it excludes the irrelevant email id. The software is also programmed to provide a duplicacy check to the email id extracted and removes it automatically. This helps you find only the valid list of email id and the required email id.

The files emails extractor is very easy to use il id. cacy  filter teh  but to also save them and is also not expensive. It further also benefits in saving time. The user can simply extract the email id manually by adding the files from which the email id has to be extracted or can also add the folder to add folders automatically. The user now has to just start the extraction by clicking the extract the button and the filter can be used to extract the relevant email id from the files. The software can seamlessly extract email from excel like xls, xlsx, xlt, etc. from word like doc, docx, dot, docm, rtf, etc. and from power point like ppt, pot, pptx, etc.

Files emails extractor is a unique, fast and accurate tool for the organisations that deals in selling goods and services and for online marketing industries. This seamless software is compatible with all the versions of Windows like Windows 2000/2003/vista/xp/7. This software processes thousands of files in just one single click.

Key Features:
·         Email extract from files with just one click
·         Extract from PDF file and do not require any other software to be downloaded for pdf.
·         Works with all versions of word, excel,pdf and power point files.
·         Eliminates duplicate email id
·         Provides relevant email address
·         Extracted email id are saved in CSV/TXT files which is opened in Notepad
·         Extract email from selected folder automatically
·         This software is accurate and saves a lot of time and money

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