Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Understanding the Concept of Outlook Email Extractor

outlook email extractor

When Outlook was first introduced it was generally for managing mail account of an individual. But slowly & slowly it became an important part of office work thus making it a perfect mail manager. 

Along with managing it became an important source of email ids and thus ‘Outlook email extractor’ was devised. It has been devised for the sole purpose of extracting email ids from Outlook. These email ids are required for Email marketing to promote goods and services. Before you utilize the tool it is important to understand the concept of it. Concept like why the tool has been developed and what is its proper use?

Just like Gmail and other mail service providers Outlook also deals with plenty of mails daily. It is not easy to get addresses from Outlook because lack of proper usage of Outlook amongst people. Many of us really don’t know the exact positions from where addresses could be harvested. To help the users on this Outlook email address extractor is created. 

Well! In outlook all the files that you save are kept in .PST (Outlook) or in .DBX (Outlook express). These two file formats are easily transferable and can be processed for email addresses. But the system or software you are employing should have the talent to support these two extensions. Outlook email extractor has this x-factor of executing these two file formats in it. It guarantees of enforcing thousands of files (.dbx & .pst) in quick minute. So the files format where IDs are saved can be extracted from this ingenious tool. 

Together with files it also has options to get email ids from folders. Folders like inbox, outbox, draft, etc. also have email ids in them. This software can fetch email ids from them too. Users can get addresses by individually selecting the folders or all at once. These two functions have tried to reduce the burden of marketing world and giving them what they need. But there are some extra activities done by the tool which make this tool extra effective. 

After getting addresses from Outlook we can save them in excel or text file format so that the files could be utilized in near future. It also has feature of Filter that brings results (email ids) of your choice and need. 

The amazing thing about this software is ability to eliminate duplicate ids automatically. Elimination of duplicates will save huge time and effort of the user and will also assist in mail marketing when done. 

In short we can assume this software as a total solution of email extraction from outlook and outlook express.

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