Saturday, 23 April 2016

How can I send E-mail in bulk?

Bulk mailing is one of the problems that are generally faced by the people and organisations. This is solved by the unique and efficient Bulk email sender. This software is programmed to send mail in bulk at one go. It is efficient and accurate and is capable of sending mails to large number of recipients.

One of the most attractive and important feature of this software is all the mails are sent to the INBOX and not in the spam box.  It is very useful for organisations and people who have to send mails to large number of people without much time consumption. The mailer can restore and backup so as to send the mail again later. It allows personalizing the email and sending the mail to some selected recipients. This software also keeps the secrecy of the mail.

Bulk mailer is designed to send numerous mails to a single person or a group of people or to a community. This helps to send emails in bulk with speed and is accurate. This has no limit of recipients defined, so it can send email to unlimited number of people at one go. The user can send text, HTML content, attachments, templates and multiple other connections.

Bulk email software is compatible with all versions of windows like Windows 2003/XP/Vista/2007/7/8. The version of windows is old or new this mailer gives its best results. This allows sending bulk emails by importing the email id from text or excelling files. This software is of great help to organisations and people who has to send bulk emails regularly to number of people/employees to communicate regularly. This software has proven to be precise giving its best results.

Key Features:-

  • ·         Send email to large number of email id at one go
  • ·         Personalize the email to be sent to particular people
  • ·         Maintains the secrecy of mail
  • ·         Sends mail to Inbox and not to spam
  • ·         Restore the mail to be sent in future
  • ·         Allows to send group mails
  • ·         Flexible with all the versions of Windows
  • ·         Imports the mail id from Text or excel files
  • ·         Very useful for online marketing
  • ·         Send mails with great speed
  • ·         Useful for all business communication.

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