Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Why We Need Software to Search and Replace in Excel?

excel search and replace tool

This question has really given us something to think. Excel is another name for maintaining keeping of data in an organized manner. Just like Word & PPT, MS Excel may also need some changes to be made while working. But the changes are limited and can only be made in the document user is currently working.

This single document rectification hinders the work because the work cannot be executed in batch. For this an excel search & replace tool is required that can accomplish the task in multiple excel documents taking the least time. There are multiple apparatus’ of this category available with features to process words and digits. 

This is not the only thing in which user faces difficulty but some more are there. The font changing is another problem when required in batch process. Fonts like bold, italic, subscript, superscript, etc. can only be altered in a single file at a time. Even this process needs excel find and replace software that has option to replace the fonts of the words.

These two are important features for which definitely there is an urgency of a tool. Words, digits, colors, fonts, etc. are to be altered in huge amount and they are being fulfilled with the tools today. 

There are few small things that can be helpful according future prospects of the user. In these saving of words is another option that keeps importance. The words that we are changing and keeping should be saved for future use. It may happen that the words need to be altered again in the coming future. Along with that newly made files & folders should also be saved for future use. 

These drawbacks have led to innovation of search & replace tools for excel. There are plenty of them available in the market but user needs to verify the best by comparing the options that are essential for this process. Selecting the right tool for the right task is more important than selecting the best one.

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