Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Sources of Email IDs in Outlook & Outlook Express

Outlook is the most talented mail manager that keeps your email account managed even while you are offline. This makes it a major source of getting email addresses for the purpose of marketing. Every organization that does trading in marketing business knows that along with Internet and numerous other services providers it is also an important link for email ids. But let us be clear about the exact points on how to get email ids from Outlook.
  • .PST & .DBX files-The first and apparently the most important sources of getting email ids from Outlook and Outlook Express. The reason why this source is given preference is because of its supply. .PST of Outlook & .DBX of Express can be easily extracted & sent to anyone with the help of an Outlook email extractor or Outlook express email extractor.  
  • Folders- These are placed second in this category but in reality they are the prime one. Just like mail service providers Outlook also has folders that can be used as source of email ids. So if you are looking to apply a tool you must examine that it has the options.
  • Removal of Duplicates- This is mainly a warning to the users. When you will extract list of email ids lots of duplicate email ids also get downloaded. Those who extract regularly know that lots of replica addresses get downloaded that have to be removed. If it is done manually it can take huge amount of time. Thus the software employed must have option to eliminate duplicate ids manually or automatically.
  • Finding What You Need- In this huge list of email ids sometimes user need only few of them but not all of them. Thus a filter option can be very useful in this situation. Try to pick up a tool that has the choice to Filter email ids of your choice.

Keeping these points in mind try to use an outlook emailaddress extractor that has all these functions. If a tool has all these functions it will surely accomplish the task by saving huge time & effort.

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