Monday, 21 December 2015

How to Extract Phone Numbers for Text Marketing?

Extract phone numbers in bulk from internet

SMS or Text marketing is the most preferred way of promoting goods or services for small scale entrepreneurs. This has given them a wide range of consumers or clients to reach and sponsor their commodities & assistances. Mobile numbers are the most important thing essential in this process. There are multiple phone number extractors available in the market that has the talent to get phone numbers from different sources. Things that matter here are the sources. What are those origins that can give email ids to the users?
  • Internet- This is undoubtedly the biggest source of getting all sorts of numbers like Phone, cell phone & fax numbers. Normally there are two ways of getting numbers from internet i.e. URLs & Keywords. URLs fetch numbers directly from websites where as Keywords work in the absence of URLs where users can search numbers according to their requirement. Manually it is almost impossible but you can use an internet phone number extractor tool that gives you option to grab number through URLs and Keywords.
  • Gmail, Hotmail, etc- Gmail, hotmail, Yahoo mail, etc. have a common name we generally know as Mail service providers. They provide assistance in sending mails to different recipients and also in receiving mails. As they deal in lots of mails daily they too are a huge source of mails. But to extract email ids from them you will email extractors individually for them like Gmail email extractor, hotmail email extractor, etc.
  • Mail Managers- Almost all of you would have heard of Outlook & outlook express. These are also known as mail managers as they manage mail ids of the user without him being online. They are really a big boon for those who do mailing a lot. Just like Gmail, Yahoo, etc. they also deal in receiving and sending of mails. Users can also get mobile numbers from outlook n express.
  • Numbers from Files- Files are considered the least important source of numbers. The reason they are not a source until & unless numbers are transferred in them. This source just requires a files phonenumber extractor for the extraction.
In short we can say that there are multiple origins of getting numbers just like email ids. Always select a mobile number extractor that can easily get numbers for extraction from the exact source you want.

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