Monday, 23 November 2015

Search and Replace Text & Phrases in MS Word

Word Search and Replace
Mistakes are only made by humans when animals do they lose their lives. But what we are going to talk here is not related to biological terms. What we will talk is MS Word. In MS word mistake can happen and rectifications can be easily done. This amazing software was developed basically for the purpose of writing and has successfully established itself as replacement.

But what we will discuss in this part is about the difficulty of using MS Word or in other words we can say the drawbacks of using MS word.

In this section of drawbacks the prime one that comes in mind is its ability of correction. This ability is restricted till current file only. It means that correction can be made only in the file you are working. The problem arises when corrections are to be made in multiple files. One cannot change words in multiple files at one time or changes can be made by going inside individual file & doing CTRL+F function. To counter this problem there are multiple find and replace tool available in the market. These tools can be utilized for the purpose changing words.

This is the common difficulty that is faced by all sorts of Word users. There are further more difficulties that arise while working on MS word. This one is though subordinate but can be an important factor in this category of difficulties. Changing of words is a less hectic thing as compared to changing of formats. Yes the real difficulty arises when you have to change the format. Just try it someday. Try changing hundreds of words and also format of each word. You will really start weeping because without the help of a tool it is a time and effort taking process.

Last but not the least saving thing. There is no such option as to save the list of words that you are altering. It may happen that you require the words for replacement in future but there is no such arrangement in MS Office.

We all know that there are drawbacks that cannot be fixed or it may take time for this but we can employ an alternative. There are plenty of Word Find and Replace tools that can search and eliminate words and can also add new ones in multiple files. Tools like these are really helpful for the organizations that do translations and scripting work.

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