Tuesday, 24 November 2015

How to Get Email IDs from Outlook?

Mail managers have recently emerged as a source of email ids basically for email marketing campaigns. They are considered to be the easiest way of getting addresses. But the difficulty in extraction starts when we see different parts of Outlook and get confused on how to get email ids from them.

  • Email Extractor Tool: Yes the easiest way of getting email ids from Outlook & Express is using and Outlook Email Extractor tool. There are multiples of them available in the market at a reasonable price. These tools also have the tendency to extract email ids from .PST and .DBX files of Outlook & Outlook express.
  • Folders: While using MS Outlook & express you must have noticed that there are folders or in clear words fully functioning mail manager that has inbox. Outbox, etc. These can also be a huge source of getting email ids. The email extractor that you have employed should give you the freedom to harvest from them.
But remember one thing there are some points on which you need to focus. The first one is obviously duplicity. While extracting addresses you must check on the duplicate ones otherwise when you will use them in mailing it may happen that the same messages can land up twice. So keep in mind to use an Outlook N Express email extractor that can automatically eliminate duplicate ones. 

Remember there may be separate tools available for Outlook and Express. So it will be better to use a tool that has options to extract email ids from both of them. The tools should also have an alternative to save these ids for future use. So use a tool that has choice to save the data in any format you wish to.
Outlook only seems small in work but can have a vast amount of ids in it. Email extractor tools can be used and email addresses can be harvested for marketing purposes. Employment of a suitable tool can assist in accomplishing your job well.

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