Monday, 8 May 2017

Know the web more closely by Web Data Miner

Hello everyone, today I am going to tell you something really very useful and amazing, about a product that every one of you will be requiring in your companies, research work, while making projects and every other thing to know this web world quickly and in a detailed manner.  We requiring in your companies, research work, while making projects and every other thing to know this web world quickly and in a detailed manner. Yes all this from a single project at once. So the product is Web Data Miner. It mines the data that you want in few minutes in the maximum possible speed that is possible. It is a must for companies to keep updated and very useful for researchers and students. 

Web data mining is a process to extract the useful data from the web pages, web sites, urls in a tabular form. Web Data Miner is a great data scrapper tool which automates the data mining work from whichever website you want with advance security measures. This web data miner is very advanced and intelligent tool. Web Data Miner's intelligence helps the user to extract accurate data from different layout websites like shopping, classified, product based and other websites in few minutes with all the relevant fields that you want. It also includes two more very useful and advance features: 'External Links' and 'Construct Links' these feature will be helpful if you want to extract from multiple websites in a single process. The GUI of the software is very attractive and easy to understand.

Whenever software will start it will show the quick start guide on how to use the software effectively. After entering the URL of website, you will be shown the webpage into the web browser on the main screen where you can choose the fields which you want to scrap, so scrapping is according to your choice and not the programmers. It can extract text, html, Image, link and URL from all the Web Pages you want. It allows the user to provide user defined column name making it more convenient for you.

This web data scrapper tool will scrap the clicked item or similar items from opened web page in few minutes. In this tool there are two really helpful options “auto saves” and “auto pause”. So what they is Auto save removes the data losing risk and auto pause removes the risk of blockage by some website to IP address. So you don’t need to be worried about being blocked by any site whose data you want. This web data mining tool can mine the data from multiple web pages in a website in just one click. User can configure “Set next page link” which extract the similar data from all web pages that are in the website. User has also a choice to define the number of pages to extract the data otherwise it will mine the data from all the pages that the website has.
A unique and most powerful feature of the software is scheduling that means user can set time, date and configuration file. It will automatically start the process of data mining at the time defined by the user. After mining the data it will automatically shut down and saves the configuration file at user defined position. The most amazing feature as you can extract the whole website when you are sleeping.

After reading about this very awesome tool you cannot neglect its superiority in the market and the features it has. You will not find a better data mining tool that web data miner. That’s what I feel and believe and you will also after using this awesome product.

How to mine the data from website?


The blog is about web data mining tool from TheSkySoft. It has many advance security features as told above. The tool mines the data from the websites you want and forms a table of mined data. It has many advanced features which are discussed above.  

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