Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Here's what no one tells you about word search & replace software

Let me begin by letting the big secret out at once- it can be automated! I am not talking about the do it for all same words in the file utility provided natively by MS Word. I am talking about batch search and replace words in all the Word files in your system kind of ability!

        MS Word is the staple of all professional & personal spaces these days. It seems as if the written word of the hand is an obsolete thing of the past. Even if you are not using English & are instead working in a language like Hindi or Korean, MS Word is the go to software when it comes to our typing needs. Our work environment is highly dynamic. So it is but natural that when you are using this indispensable tool from Microsoft, you encounter situations where you have to do multiple modifications in numerous Word files at once. For such situations ( & you encounter them a lot), you can either sit yourself for hours in front of a system going through file after file searching for phrases that you then replace or, you can simply delegate the task to a person whose only claim to salary is the fact that he is indulged in wordfind and replace. You can easily understand that this is one area where you can save a lot of money & time if you have the right tool to do so for you automatically.
      Step in the most advanced word search and replace tool till date. It is not limited by your Windows version as it works across all the popular versions available in the market today. It is not limited by language as it works regardless of whether your file is in English, Hindi or Korean. It is not limited with regard to the number of files & folders that you can throw at it as it can even do its work across entire drives in a matter of minutes. It is not limited to a specific kind of work only as it can not only find & replace words/phrases from multiple files at once as per your fed in requirement, but can also reformat words, underline them, strike through them & even edit the spaces between them.
         Sounds too good to be true & too expensive to be feasible? Give it a go to see what this wonderful little utility can do to remould the whole platform of MS Word that you have in your system. The best part is that it is the most affordable & most potent such software available in the market as of today.

Summary- MS Word is a major tool in the modern day office space. When it is used at an industrial level, editing tasks become too tedious for manual execution. This word search & replace tool gives the user the ability to edit Word files in bulk & all the person has to do is feed in the requirement. It is fast, reliable & affordable.

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