Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Reuse your files via Files Email and Phone Number Extractor

What you save will definitely help you in your future” is something that our elders told us. Is it only true with the money or is applicable in some other aspects. Without any doubt, it is applicable for each and everything you save. For example you we keep the old unwanted newspaper safe in our homes because it can be resold and give some bucks back. Likewise, the files stored in your personal computers can give you back a lot of useful information. Yes, it is true, you can get very useful contacts from them for various usage one of being marketing. Here you will get to know about a product that fetches out Email ids and Phone Number from the files that are present in your own computer. Here you will get to know about Files Email and Phone Number Extractor.

Files Email and Phone Number Extractor is inventive software that extracts multiple email IDs and phone numbers from files in bulk. The files types can be Word, Excel, PPT, and PDF etc. doesn’t matter what format of those files are. It extracts multiple Email Addresses and phone number as well as Mobile & Fax numbers from multiple files at once in just one click. You just need to define the search criteria for getting the best relevant results. Files Email and Phone Number Extractor automatically remove duplicate entries. It has the feature of Filtering out the undesired Email Addresses and phone numbers and gets the desired results out for the user. Main Advantage is that it is a dual packet that is you can get Mobile as well as Email id’s from a single software from all sorts of files.

 Files Email and Phone Number Extractor has advanced filtering option with the help of this feature the users are able to get only those Email Addresses and Mobile number which are relevant to the search criteria and that are required by the users. It is one of the fastest software tools for extracting Email Addresses and phone numbers from all types of files simultaneously. This tool is single tool to extract Email id’s and Phone numbers as well mobile numbers all in bulk from all sorts of files on your PC. Files Email and Phone Number Extractor automatically the duplicate entries from the extracted list and saves the list in a tabular form.

The software is widely used by the business organizations for carrying out marketing in the form of email marketing and SMS marketing. Email address extractor processes multiple files and folders to extract email addresses, phone, Mobile & Fax Numbers in a very short time. This software tool is very efficient and super fast for extracting phone numbers and email addresses in just minutes.

Files Email and Phone Number Extractor is very much used in various companies so that they can extract out their old contacts and once again built up business with them. The contacts are really useful because they are extracted from your own contacts.

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

How to get contact numbers for promotions

All of us daily get various promotional messages daily on our phone. Don’t you think from where these people get your mobile numbers? Maybe you have registered your number them and that is why you are receiving their messages But that is not the case always. Companies always want more and more contacts for their promotional activities. So from where do they the contact details? The answer to this is that there are many tools available to solve these problems. These tools extract out phone numbers, mobile numbers from various platforms. One of these advanced tools is discussed here. The tool is Files Phone number extractor. It is a great tool and you really going to like it. So as an organization this blog is really helpful for you.

Files Phone number extractor is a useful tool adept at fetching multiple Phone numbers and mobile numbers contained in Word, PDF, Excel or PowerPoint or any other sort of files. The software provides various advanced filtering options, these filtering options enable the user to set search criteria as per their need and extract relevant and required numbers excluding all the irrelevant numbers. Users can save the extracted phone numbers for future use. Numbers list can be saved in.CSV format which opens in MS Excel or.TXT format which opens in Notepad. These advanced features make phone number search fast and easy to use. Use of this software is extremely easy because of its user-friendly interface. The Files from which numbers need to be extracted can be added manually or added automatically by selecting folders to add all files contained in them. Thereafter users can simply press start extracting button to extract the contacts out. Similarly, save numbers button can be used to save the numbers in excel sheets 

Phone number extractor can effortlessly extract multiple numbers from word files like doc, docx, dot, docm, dotm, dotx etc., excel files like XLS, XLSX, XLA, XLT etc. and powerpoint files like ppt, pot, pptx, potm, pptm, ppsm, potx etc. and save them for intended use, you just need to select them in the starting of process.

Files Phone Number extractor is really valuable in the present scenario, as the organizations rely heavily on phone for all types of business communication, they need phone number extractor software's for smooth conduct of business and to take them to new heights. Especially companies relying on telemarketing to sell their products need software's like Files Phone Number Extractor. Therefore for all the organization's Phone number extractor is really important.


This blog tells you how you can get a lot of phone numbers and mobile numbers for various purposes like SMS promotions, Telemarketing etc. It gives you the features of Files Phone number extractor - a useful tool adept at fetching multiple Phone numbers and mobile numbers contained in Word, PDF, Excel or PowerPoint or any other sort of files. BY this you can get a lot of contact numbers for promotions.

Friday, 22 December 2017

Useful online marketing tool: Fast Mail Sender

Sending mails for promotions of our products and services has become an essential part for every company in the world of digitization. We all have email ids that we use daily for our day to day communication. We have often seen many promotional mails been sent to our inbox daily, isn’t it strange. How do they do it, do they send them individually to you and all other people that too in your inbox. No that’s not possible because it would require a lot people for that, means a lot of money for paying them. Isn’t that foolishness. Yes it is because companies do not send you mails like this they use software like Fast Mail Sender. As the name suggests fast mailing software, it sends mails to all the people you want to mail in bulk at one go very fast.

Fast Mail Sender is windows based software developed for sending emails to multiple recipients at a time without any limit. The specialty of Bulk Email Sender software is that it is capable of sending bulk emails to a large number of recipients across the globe. It is the only one bulk email software available in the market that is capable of dropping emails into INBOX, not into spam folder. It works very fast and can save lots of time for the users to get their products promoted. Users can use personalized email through they can send particular emails to selected recipients. This keeps the privacy of the email. You can create specific groups to get your work done faster. Fast Mail Sender user-friendly, very easy to operate and can be simply handled.

This Bulk Email Sender tool has an advance option of Backup & restore through which user can send the email again in future means more simplicity and less time consumption. The software can be really useful fororganizations that have to send emails to their employees and also for organisations that want to spread information about their products and services worldwide. This Bulk Email Software is also flexible to run in all versions of windows. Fast mail Sender is undoubtedly the best windows based application in the province of bulk Email Senders. Tool allows the user to send personalized emails with unique matter to large number of recipients using data from excel sheet I just one go. Tool allows the user to attach different types of files to emails like pdf, images etc. It also provides a log file providing all information about sent and failed email.

Fast bulk Email Sender is software developed to send emails in bulk in a remarkable speed to give you a remarkable experience. This software is capable of sending unlimited emails to a single person, a group, a community or a large number of recipients. It is advanced software which has the capability to send emails to the people as per the user’s directions.This fast mail sender is user friendly software designed to perform in all versions of windows. The user can operate it in windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 2007, 2003 and latest edition of windows. The software can be very useful to the corporations who have a large number of employees and do communicate regularly through emails.

If you are an entrepreneur you should definitely feel the craze of this amazing fast mail software to send large no of emails to large no of people in a single click. 

How to send bulk email ?

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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Be Quick and Fast via Fast Mail Sender

We all want to do our work smartly but lag behind due to lack of awareness and resources. We need to be aware of what is going in the market and what is the new trends that people are using to promote their business, how they are bringing traffic on their websites. So let me tell you a about a tool which is most trending among companies to promote their products and services. With the help of this powerful and helpful tool you can bring a lot of traffic on your web site and thus promote your products online.

So the tool is Fast Mail Sender. You might be thinking what is so great in it that it is trending among so many companies, the answer is very simple Fast Mail Sender sends Personalised Mails in Bulk Directly into Recipients Inbox. Now a days people regularly check their mails, this thing makes Fast Mail Sender most useful. Because If the Recipient want something that you are providing then definitely she will follow the link you have provided in the mail you have sent to them.

Fast Mail Sender is an innovative software developed to send unlimited emails to multiple recipients at a time. This Advance Bulk Email Sender software is adept of sending bulk emails to a large number of recipients across the globe. Fast Mail Sender sends Personalised Mails in Bulk Directly into Recipients Inbox not to spam folder. It works very effectively in a fast mode and can save lots of time of the users. Users can use personalized email through they can send particular emails to selected recipients which in turn keeps the privacy of the email. This bulk email sender software is user friendly, very easy to operate and can be simply handled.

The blog tells you about one of the trending tools Fast Mail Sender that sends Personalised Mails in Bulk Directly into Recipients Inbox. It is one of the best tool through which you can promote your goods and services. Some of the advanced feature of this bulk email sender software are discussed above.

How to Send Bulk Mails?

Friday, 28 July 2017

Dig contacts from the web easily via email and phone extractor

Internet marketing and promotion are necessary for each company to promote their products and services. But the biggest difficulty in this is how to gather contacts for emailing and sms sending. For this you need not to worry now because now a day all the people have fed in their mobile numbers and email ids somewhere on the web. So if we have a tool that can dig out these contacts for you it will be awesome. So here I tell you about a tool that can do this task for you. It is Internet email and phone extractor. 

Internet email and phone extractor is a multi-talented utility that takes care of the need for contacts. It has the ability to extract contacts from websites and web search engine whether it be email address or phone number, to give you the best result at a good speed. This software has the ability to dig out thousands of contact details in a matter of times from whichever website you want. It can dig out contacts from the given website, from links that lead to other websites from the given website, & even whole search engines based on the keywords fed in by you. The mining level can be decided to the level up to which you want to take the extraction of contacts. You can save the extracted contacts in an excel or word file.

Internet email and phone number extractor is a user friendly tool. All you need to do is run this utility & feed in the name of the website/websites from which you want emails and phone numbers to be extracted. You can also feed in precise parameters if you only want email ids & phone numbers of a particular kind only to be extracted. The inbuilt advanced filter on the other hand, has the receptivity to ensure that extracted mail ids are not duplicated & that instead of numbers, random numeric values from sites are not extracted. You can also go through the route of all the links on the web page by selecting mining level. Alternatively, you can also scan straight through keyword based search from search engines.

If you are making android/ios application and need to promote it and increase its download then you need to promote it. For that you need more and more contacts in form of phone numbers and email ids. So this tool will be best for you. Further you can use bulk mailing and sms sending tools. And similarly you can do it for other products also.

This is a must to have tool for businesses as well as individuals who seek need for contacts. The benefit of using this tool is that this internet email and phone extractor is a combination of two utilities that you get at the price of just one. So just use it to feel how potent it is as a contact gathering tool.


If you want email ids and phone numbers in bulk for promotion and marketing purposes then this blog is for you. It tells about Internet email and phone extractor which is tool that extracts email ids and phone numbers in bulk from the internet and saves it in your pc. This internet email extractor has many advanced features discussed above.